Scanjet Marine offers the advanced Surveyor multi-purpose tank measurement and tank monitoring system for managing tank level measurement and delivering information to the ship’s automatic systems. In addition, Scanjet offers an intelligent tank cleaning machine monitoring system and tank gauging equipment for any marine tank type or size.

The Scanjet tank measurement technology is based on high-frequency non-contact radars or high accuracy temperature compensated absolute pressure sensors, or both in combination, to measure liquid density measurement online. Temperatures can be monitored at multiple points, with readings used to automatically recalculate the specific gravity of the liquid as a function of the temperature.

Tank level gauging is provided by an electro-pneumatic system offering continuous, fast measurement, transmitting data to the relevant systems via with DC 4-20 mA or digital Modbus serial line. These elements form an integral component of the Scanjet ITAMA system for complete tank management.

Tank Management Related Products


The Scanjet SCANRAD™ SC R8 is a robust and reliable radar for measurement of level/ullage in tanks, built for harsh marine environments and industrial applications.


The Scanjet Scanrad™ innovative tank cleaning monitoring system WashTrac™ improves the efficiency and control of the tank cleaning procedure.

Cargo Level Monitoring

The Scanjet SURVEYOR™ Cargo Level Monitoring is a complete tank measurement automatic level gauging and cargo monitoring system for tankers. The system is one of the most comprehensive

Tank Pressure Temperature

The Scanjet SURVEYOR™ temperature monitoring system can be used as a stand alone system, or in combination with the other subsystems to the Multipurpose Monitoring & Control.

Tank Loading Calculator

The Scanjet SURVEYOR™ loading calculator performs strength and stability calculations based on intact stability. The software is fully integrated into the Surveyor level gauging system.

Pressure Sensor-Based

The Scanjet SURVEYOR Ballast and Service Tank Level Gauging System is designed to meet the highest quality standards for accurate gauging.

Electro-Pneumatic Type

The Scanjet SML 1000 D measures continuously the fluid level in water ballast tanks, fuel tanks, fresh water tanks, lube oil tanks.

Ultrasonic Switch Based

The Scanjet Surveyor Independent High Level & Overfill Alarm System is a high quality product based on proven acoustic wave technology for marine applications.

Vapour Emission Control

The Scanjet SMV Vapour Emission Control System is an advanced solution designed to effectively monitor and control vapour pressure and oxygen levels.

Water Ingress – Dewater

The Scanjet SURVEYOR Water Ingress Detection & Alarm System is designed to detect the presence of water in the cargo holds of bulk carriers.

Float Switch Based

The Scanjet Scanjet SMA 2000 series is ready supplied as a complete system either as a single or dual point system. The system complies with the latest IMO, USCG and classification requirements.

Pump & Valve Control

The Scanjet SURVEYOR™ Integrated Valve & Pump Control System is an advanced and user-friendly software for integrated monitoring and control of pumps and valves for cargo and ballast/service tanks.


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