Scanjet SC360APR is a high capacity Anti-pirate water cannon for boarding denial. The fixed installed or removable, self operating, multi nozzle machine is driven by the water flow. The Anti-pirate water cannons consist of three main parts; an Anti-pirate water cannon gun unit, a turbine powered drive unit and a mounting rail bracket.

The pump capacity, construction, and requirements of the vessel are the design criteria, which have to be evaluated before installation. The SC360APR can be powered by existing pumps on board the vessel. It can be installed either as a permanent or as a portable unit to allow the vessel to optimize its system and budget.

The horizontal position of the nozzles can when installed be adjusted for each machine. It is possible to optimize the angle to the hull as needs may vary at different positions along the vessel’s length and due to the shape of the hull. The SC360APR requires no chemicals or steam additives – it has no environmental impact.

By starting the pumps, the SC360APR starts automatically. The nozzles rotate 360 deg in a continuous movement. To optimize the downward pressure of the water, the SC 360APR restricts the water from being projected upwards. This is marked for easy installation.

The SC360APR is developed to protect crew, vessels, and cargo. It is a nonlethal, passive way of protecting the ship without provoking the attacker.

Key Features
  • No need for manual operation.
  • Easy mounting without hot work.
  • Individually adjusted machine length and horizontal position.
  • Removable after use.
  • Grease lubricated drive unit.
  • Adjustable rotating speed.
  • Four nozzles – strike frequency 2-4 seconds.
  • 180° optimized down operation.

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