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Our motto is ‘Responsible Tank Cleaning‘ — the total evaluation and consideration of what, when and how to clean, in a way that ensures cleanliness, protects workers, maximises output and optimises environmental considerations.

Scanjet engineers have been driving the development of tank cleaning methodologies for the energy, oil and petrochemical sectors around the world for many years. We have developed technology partnerships with major cleaning and maintenance contractors preparing oil storage tanks for inspection and refurbishment as well as ongoing overhaul and maintenance. With offices and partners in EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific, we are ideally positioned to support regional and global companies requiring consistently high standards from their tank cleaning equipment.

Our development capability extends to new tank cleaning devices which are new application specific and in some cases customer exclusive. In all of these cases our approach always addresses worker safety as our priority.

Scanjet tank cleaning machines are designed to suit tanks of all shapes and sizes. In a world where tanks sizes and shapes vary, and where tanks are often located in remote areas exposed to the elements, the users need complete confidence in the ruggedness and reliability of the tank cleaning system, and the ability to schedule planned maintenance as and when fits operational parameters and without loss of tank contents or undue disruption to standard operating procedures.

Our tank cleaning machines are powerful enough to ensure complete impact coverage of all internal surfaces, and the machine sizes are specially designed to be portable, able to enter tanks through existing rooftop access points.

Whether supplying equipment to contractors servicing oil tanks, or designing new devices to automate manual hazardous cleaning processes, the Scanjet team will be pleased to assist.

  • Improves ethanol fermentations.
  • Protects contractor safety.
  • Increases oil storage efficiencies.
  • ATEX Zone 0/1 certified.

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