Scanjet provides portable tank cleaning machines to reduce time and cover any shadow areas in the tanks. The portable machines are normally twin nozzle, turbine driven and media lubricated. The machines automatically create an orbital wash pattern in the tank which ensures safe and reliable back-up cleaning.

We have used all our expertise in nozzle optimization and have developed a range of tank cleaning systems and machines with excellent performance for all types of cargo.

Our stainless steel machines are suitable for passivation/pickling of stainless steel tanks when our standard procedures are followed. The portable machines are lightweight and easy to operate, by lowering the machines to the desired cleaning position in the tank.

The light weight hose saddle provides a stable and reliable mounting for the machine and hose. Scanjet can provide all the necessary ancillary equipment to operate the portable tank cleaning equipment and machines and this is available in major ports around the world.

To find out more about our tank cleaning systems and how they can work on your vessel, please contact us for more information.

Portable Equipment Related Products

SC 90A

The Scanjet Model SC F90A is a Portable Air Driven Fan specifically designed for use on Chemical Carriers. It can also be used on all other types of vessels where air is preferable to water for operational reasons. The fan is designed as a High Performance, Deep Penetration unit.

SC 150W

The Scanjet Model SC F150W Portable Water Driven Gas Freeing Fan is suitable for use on all sizes and types of vessels. The fan is designed as a High Performance, Deep Penetration Unit. Constructed from Stainless Steel and Aluminium it is lightweight and easily moved around the deck.


Thr Scanjet Model SC 15TW can be used for fixed installation on down pipe or for portable tank cleaning on a flexible hose. SC 15TW is available in bronze or stainless steel versions.


The Scanjet Model SC 15TWGL is a tank cleaning machine specially developed for cargo tank cleaning in harsh environments. Tanks with volumes up to 5000 m³ can be cleaned by one single unit.


The Scanjet Model SC 45TW represents a versatile tank cleaning solution designed to cater to various needs in both fixed installations and portable applications. This model offers adaptability.

Portable Accessories

Scanjet recommends using rubber bumpers to minimize the risk of coating damage during cleaning in coated tanks close to the tank walls, along with offering various types of adapters and couplings in suitable materials for marine environments

Tank cleaning machines are installed and operated in extremely harsh marine conditions. In order to ensure continued safe operation of the Scanjet tank cleaning machines it is advised to follow given service instructions. Provided Scanjet Service kits are available.


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