Scanjet supplies machines to all types of product carriers and all our machines are certified and type approved by all major classification societies.

Our project department will help you with an installation proposal that meets IMO regulations A 446 XI, § 4.2.8 or DNV ETC Notation, proving the result with shadow diagrams before installing the machines.

Scanjet can provide turbine-driven single nozzle or multistage programmable machines with magnetic transmission in standard material or stainless steel.

Twin nozzle portable machines are available upon request.

INTERTANKO recommends the Wash Trac monitoring system.

SC 30T

The Scanjet Model SC 30T tank cleaner operates with a fixed turbine. This turbine includes a programmable drive unit. Permanent lubrication ensures an oil-free operation. Additionally, the patented magnetic transmission permits drive unit replacement. Importantly, this can be done without tank exposure. These features provide efficient and maintenance-friendly cleaning solutions.


The Scanjet Model SC 30TP excels in advanced cargo tank cleaning. It’s crafted for the demanding arctic environment. Media-driven technology is key to its operation. It combines a fixed turbine with a portable drive unit. Moreover, the drive unit is programmable. This ensures adaptability and precision in harsh conditions. Thus, the SC 30TP offers reliable performance where it’s most needed.


The Scanjet Model SC 30TH tank cleaner operates via a fixed turbine. This turbine integrates a programmable drive unit. Permanent lubrication ensures an oil-free mechanism. Furthermore, the patented magnetic transmission facilitates easy drive unit swaps. Significantly, this is achievable without tank exposure. These innovations contribute to a seamless and efficient cleaning process.


The SC 15TW can be used for fixed installation on down pipe or for portable tank cleaning on a flexible hose. Available in bronze or stainless steel versions and is therefore suitable for any type of tank.


The Scanjet Model SC 45TW represents a versatile tank cleaning solution designed to cater to various needs in both fixed installations and portable applications. This model offers adaptability.


The Scanjet Model SC 40RT is a robust and very flexible type of tank cleaning machine specially designed for marine and offshore applications. Scanjet SC 40RT is driven by the tank cleaning media.


The Scanjet SCANRAD™ SC R8 is a robust and reliable radar for measurement of level/ullage in tanks, built for harsh marine environments and industrial applications.


The Scanjet Tripod is a lifting device specially developed for lifting up tank cleaning machines. The size of the tripod is depends on the size/length of the machine. The tripod consists of two main parts.

Portable Accessories

Scanjet recommends using rubber bumpers to minimize the risk of coating damage during cleaning in coated tanks close to the tank walls, along with offering various types of adapters and couplings.


The Scanjet Scanrad™ innovative tank cleaning monitoring system WashTrac™ improves the efficiency and control of the tank cleaning procedure.


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