Scanjet provides fully automated tank cleaning systems for oil and petrochemical sectors, ensuring thorough cleaning and solid remediation. Our systems achieve less than 5% oil-on-solids, often less than 2%, as measured by a retort.

System 2546-04-PID is versatile, accommodating portable and fixed installations, managing 6 or more tank cleaning nozzles at once. It integrates chemical injection for improved cleaning, employs a duplex strainer with 200-micron filtration, and recommends additional solids separation gear for mud pit cleaning. This ensures thorough operations in offshore environments.

CIP System 3087 is a skid-mounted Clean In Place (CIP) System, adhering to ATEX standards for explosion-proof operation. Its multi-tank design enhances versatility and functionality, allowing for efficient and thorough cleaning. This reduces downtime and increases productivity. Additionally, the system ensures safety in hazardous environments with its explosion-proof certification according to ATEX standards. These features make it a reliable choice for Clean In Place operations in industrial settings.

CIP System 3106 integrates a modular approach, combining a pumping and control skid with a solids separation system using weir separation technology, suitable for tanks with moderate to high solids loading. Its versatility is evident in applications such as cleaning Drilling Mud Tanks, Crude Oil Storage Tanks, and Product Storage Tanks. The stacking option optimizes space utilization, reducing the footprint at the cleaning site, while adaptability in connection enhances usability and integration into existing infrastructure. Overall, CIP System 3106 combines efficiency, versatility, and space optimization, making it valuable for tank cleaning operations.

Model 2571: Efficient Hydrocarbon Tank Cleaning

Efficient Cleaning Process:

Model 2571 uses solvents, water, and microemulsion chemistries to clean large hydrocarbon storage tanks thoroughly. Its recirculation loop and solids separation system reduce solid content to less than 300 microns, ensuring comprehensive cleaning and fluid stream remediation.

Operational Safety and Control:

Operational safety is ensured by the boiler skid and Nitrogen Gas skid. The system’s adaptable skid frames suit varied environments, and it’s predominantly PLC controlled for streamlined operations via an RJ45 data highway.


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