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Scanjet Marine: A Trusted Name in Intelligent Tank Management Systems
Scanjet, headquartered in Sweden, is a global leader in providing intelligent tank level monitoring and gauging systems for marine and offshore applications. With facilities strategically located in major shipbuilding regions worldwide, Scanjet Marine has earned a reputation for excellence in the maritime industry. Their cutting-edge solutions encompass tank level monitoring, cleaning, venting, gauging, and control.

The ITAMA System: Elevating Tank Management
The heart of Scanjet’s offerings lies in the ITAMA intelligent tank management system. This comprehensive solution integrates various critical functions:

  1. Automatic Tank Monitoring and Alarm Control: Real-time monitoring ensures efficient management of cargo levels, preventing overflows or shortages.
  2. Remote Valve and Pump Control: Operators can remotely manipulate valves and pumps, streamlining operations and enhancing safety.
  3. Fixed and Portable Tank Cleaning: Effective cleaning mechanisms maintain tank integrity and prevent contamination.
  4. P/V Valves: These pressure/vacuum relief valves safeguard against excessive pressure or vacuum buildup within tanks.
  5. Gas-Freeing Equipment: Ensures safe tank entry by removing hazardous gases.
  6. Inert Gas System: Vital for fire prevention and safety during cargo handling.
  7. Oil-Discharge Monitor: Monitors oil discharge to prevent environmental pollution.
  8. Vapor Emission Control: Manages emissions during loading and unloading processes.

Synergies for Shipyards and Shipowners
Scanjet’s cargo tank equipment is meticulously designed to create synergies within the ITAMA concept. Shipyards and shipowners benefit from streamlined operations, improved safety, and efficient tank management. Whether navigating harsh marine environments or adhering to stringent regulations, the ITAMA system delivers reliability and precision.

Service & Support

If your organization has multiple locations, you’ll appreciate the fact that we do too. Our worldwide capabilities and inventory ensure we can seamlessly service our customers and support our products efficiently – no matter their location or how many different facilities are involved.

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We are passionate about providing the best tank management solutions. Our sole focus on this area enables us to offer unmatched product quality and technical expertise. We are dedicated to delivering innovative and reliable solutions that help our customers optimize their tank operations and improve their bottom line.

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You know how time-consuming it can be to purchase products from multiple suppliers for a single project… and how frustrating it is when integration issues occur. We provide complete tank management solutions, so you enjoy the convenience of working with one company and knowing all system components are compatible.


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