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The ‘Bio’ range devices are self-powered, self-cleaning, and self-draining, providing 360º coverage within the tank’s internal surfaces. Moreover, the cleaning medium powers the device through an internal turbine, ensuring proper lubrication.

Additionally, the Scanjet ‘Bio’ range includes Rotary Spray Heads (RSH) like the Bio 5SB, ideal for light to moderate cleaning needs. Furthermore, it offers robust Rotary Jet Heads like the Bio 10, specifically designed for complex cleaning applications.

Furthermore, our ‘Responsible Tank Cleaning’ philosophy ensures optimized outcomes, environmental sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Consequently, by choosing a Scanjet tank cleaning device, you keep your production systems running smoothly.

We’d love to discuss your tank cleaning needs and exceed your expectations with our system.

  • Self-cleaning.
  • Consistent results.
  • Highly efficient cleaning.
  • Minimal consumption of water and cleaning chemicals.


The Scanjet Bio 5SB is a very efficient replacement to traditional static cleaning devices, it offers 360° impact coverage, self-cleaning and self-draining. The patent-pending Bio 5SB design follows EHEDG and GMP guidelines, it can be supplied with EN10204-2.1, 2.2 or 3.1 material and FDA 21CFR compliance certificates.

BIO 10

The Scanjet Bio 10 rotary jet head is a hygienic tank cleaning machine that provides 360° coverage within a tank or process vessel. The Bio 10 is self-powered by the flow of the fluid through the inlet cone of the machine. An increase in pressure and flow will correspondingly increase the length of the jet and impact upon the tank.


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