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The large volumes of water consumed and effluent discharged in the pulp and paper industry require an approach to tank cleaning which we here at Scanjet call ‘Responsible Tank Cleaning‘. This means we don’t just supply you with equipment to clean your tanks to the highest standard, we will work with you to find a technological solution that will use the lowest volume of water and chemicals, enable maximum recycling of cleaning media, release the lowest volume and concentration of effluent — and at the same time look after the environment and your finances. We know how important it is for your process to be efficient and environmentally responsible and we appreciate water is a scarce resource.

We offer the widest range of tank cleaning equipment for pulp and paper industry applications. Our range covers dozens of models and hundreds of product variants, with internal or external gearing, electric, mechanical or pneumatic drives, single or multi nozzle configurations, to suit the specific vessel and application.

In all cases reliability is paramount, and nowhere more so than in the intensive environment of a pulp or papermill. The Scanjet tank cleaning machines are built from the ground up to be cost- and time-efficient to install and maintain, delivering unparalleled reliability and legendary uptime, in turn contributing to the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Turn tank cleaning into an operational advantage — choose Scanjet.

  • Reduced use of water and other cleaning media.
  • Reduced microbiological levels.
  • Lower maintenance requirements and increased uptime.
  • Improved personnel safety.


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