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General Data Protection Regulation

As a general principle, we take our customers’ data privacy and security very seriously. We seek at all times to comply with the relevant regulations and best practices regarding gathering, storing and using data pertaining to our customers and stakeholders.

Due to the nature of our business, we deal exclusively with business-to-business customers, and therefore the vast majority of the data we hold does not relate to natural persons, and/or is not of personal nature.  We do not hold any sensitive personal data, or any data pertaining to minors.

We gather and hold only such data as is reasonably required for the operation of our business, including fulfilment of orders, receipt of payments, provision of after-sales technical support and conduct of ongoing sales and marketing activities within our customer base.

We do not disclose or release customer data to third parties, other than when strictly necessary for the operation of our business (or if required by competent authorities).  We never sell or otherwise make available any data for sales and marketing purposes by third parties not associated with the Scanjet group of companies or our network of sales and service partners.

All our customer data has been collected in the normal course of our business from sources such as sales records, incoming customer queries, visits to our trade show stand, etc.  We have not purchased data from external sources; should this change in the future, we undertake to ensure as far as reasonably possible that any such data is fully GDPR-compliant.

Our marketing communication comprises mostly of content and channels (such as website content and online and print advertising  in trade publications) which is not directed at specific individuals; therefore we hold no individually identifiable information about the audience of such communications.  We occasionally send commercial e-mail to our customers, sales partners and other stakeholders, and for such purposes we hold the recipients’ names and e-mail addresses in a secure database.  All such commercial e-mails include ‘unsubscribe’ features allowing the recipient to easily and immediately opt out of future e-mail communications of similar nature should they so wish.

We use website ‘cookies’ to provide for a functioning and convenient user experience on our website.  We also analyze website usage and traffic patterns in summary terms.  We do not track user activities outside of our website.  No personally identifiable information is gathered on our website, other than optionally by way of contact forms, feedback forms and similar, whereby the user opts to submit to us some personal details.


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