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With its wide variety of raw materials, production processes, and end products, the biofuel sector is possibly the most diverse and challenging. In terms of tank cleaning needs, whether producing bioethanol or biodiesel, and whether using first or second generation or later technologies, each type of production has its own unique challenges.

Moreover, in each case, there is a Scanjet tank cleaning device to match. Regardless of the raw materials or methods, biofuel production and storage facilities require regular tank cleaning. Consequently, the larger the tanks or the more difficult-to-clean the materials, the more challenging the cleaning gets.

Furthermore, strict sanitary requirements further complicate matters, such as safeguarding sensitive substances or preventing cross-contamination. Specific considerations in biofuels include deciding whether external drive tank cleaning units are preferred in fermentor applications. This is especially important where solids/particulates could block internally geared units.

Similarly, another common issue is maximizing filling and fermentation capacity through the use of antifoams and addition of tank washing devices that operate during fermentation to reduce required foam space. Our machines are tried and tested in demanding applications across the sector.

Renowned for ruggedness, reliability, and low maintenance requirements, Scanjet tank cleaning solutions can help keep your production plant running smoothly with maximum cleanliness and minimal downtime.

  • Improving ethanol fermentations.
  • Protecting contractor safety.
  • Helping to conserve water and energy.
  • Increasing storage facility efficiencies.


The SC 40RE is an electrically-powered, externally-driven automated tank cleaning machine. Both 2- and 4-nozzle versions are available, with all wetted parts constructed of 316 stainless steel and other highly corrosion-resistant materials.


The SC 40RT is a dual or four nozzle externally driven automated tank cleaning machine constructed of 316 stainless steel and other highly corrosion resistant materials. It employs a patented magnetic drive transmission.


The SC 15TW is a 1.5” two- or four-nozzle automated tank cleaning machine constructed of 316 stainless steel and other highly corrosion resistant materials. It has a fixed to moving gear ratio of 47 to 49 allowing it to produce a homogeneous 360° pattern.


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