The SC 30TA is a cutting-edge tank cleaning machine with a single nozzle, designed for large tanks. It’s programmable and ideal for industries needing high hygiene standards. Additionally, it integrates easily into existing tank systems, reducing installation downtime. Moreover, its programmable features enable customizable cleaning cycles, improving flexibility for different tank sizes and contents.

The unit undergoes careful polishing both inside and outside, following user specifications very closely. Additionally, it can be delivered with alcohol-filled barriers strategically placed between the drive unit and tank air, adding an extra layer of safety.

Moreover, moving on to its design features, the SC 30TA has a single-nozzle design that ensures a strong and effective jet, ensuring great cleaning performance on all tank surfaces. This design includes a unique feature of separate turning and lifting moments. Furthermore, it incorporates a quick manual boost for specific cleaning settings, greatly improving its versatility and efficiency.

However, regarding Quality Control, Compliances & Certifications, the SC 30TA is made according to ISO 9001 Quality Standards, ensuring excellent product quality. Also, our certificate of conformity and accreditation are available upon request, providing extra assurance to our customers. Additionally, the SC 30TA fully meets United States ASME construction standards, with the option for extra certifications available on request to meet specific regulatory needs.

Tank Cleaning Technologies

Key Features
  • Aseptic.
  • Internally and externally polished to 0,8 micron.
  • Alcohol filled cofferdam available.
Typical Applications
  • Large process vessels and reactors are crucial components in many industries.
  • Additionally, big storage tanks are utilized extensively for storing various substances.
  • Moreover, large transportation tanks are commonly employed for transporting liquids or gases.
  • Furthermore, juice tanks are another essential component in the beverage industry, serving as storage for fruit juices.
  • Lastly, beverage tanks play a significant role in the industry by storing and processing various beverages.
Flow 5-65 m3/h
Inlet Pressure 6-12 bar
Max Pressure 14 bar
Recommended Pressure 8 bar
Max temperature: 95°C
Rotation speed: 1-1,6 rpm
Standard length: 1000 mm
Weight: 43 kg
Per additional meter of main pipe: 10 kg
Tank connection: DN 162, DIN-11864-BF-A41*1,5-N-1,4404
Inlet connection: DN 50, DIN-11864-BF-A41*1,5-N-1,4404
Materials: AISI 316, PTFE, Viton
Lubrication: Cleaning Media

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